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A place for people to mingle in the morning for coffee and conversation, evening for music, drinks, fun and weekend parties. Where everybody knows your name and we’re awfully glad you came, oh wait that was CHEERS.

Good Morning

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Good Morning Friends

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Good morning! Happy Sunday! Happy November!

LYNN, Have a happy birthday!
Hello, all! i enjoyed that extra hour's sleep!

it's a great birthday weekend, so far, and it's just getting started!
i plan to celebrate for a few more weeks, at least!

Thank you ALL for your good wishes! i'll be back this evening.
stopping back by, hope everyone had a day as great as mine! thank you again!!!!
Good Monday morning to all!

Thank you for my good wishes, and Sunday's special thread.... i'm still feeling the love, my friends!

here's a little breakfast, coffee for most and a dew for jeff:

yep, i'm another day older and deeper in debt...sorry to miss you guys, maybe see you tomorrow evening....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!....i no i no!!...im a little late but it dont mean i dont think the world of ya!!!...u no me im always ..a day late & a dollar short!!...but what the hey!!..thats me ...so again happy birthday sweety!!!!
thanks, jeff! i'll celebrate all month, so you're not late!

hi, all! i'm late, but i did get here! see you tomorrow morning!
:) Well I will try to see ya'all sometime tomorrow, Things are picking up work wise as we head into the Holidays..so not sure when I will be here........this for me is a good thing too..........:) Till later.......Love and Hugs......

good Wednesday morning, all!
welcome, animak, glad you found your way here!

Mary, Ladyg, we keep missing each other, but it's always good to see your tracks.
jeff, here ya go, my friend.




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