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Good evening everyone, I am Ladyg your hostess for the weekend. I would like to welcome everyone to LADYG’S PLACE. Bring a friend, but remember if they do not belong to the group they will have to join in order to participate in the fun.

Long live Rock N Roll

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This is my favorite song in the word......:) and perhaps a good way to wish you a Very Blessed Night and Sweet Dreams Ladyg and Lynn if u are still here..............I hope to see both of you tomorrow sometime after 4:30 pm my time..:)

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Good night my friend, it was fun see you tomorrow

Well we are cleaning up and I hope to see you all next Saturday, have a blessed night


Ladyg, and fellow Scorpio friend, i will absolutely be here for your birthday celebration!!!!!!!!!!
**ships passing in the nite, once again****




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