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I still feel lost on this ning site. Does anybody else feel that way?
I have a lot of great friends from the old tbd site but I feel it is harder to make new friends here on ning because of the way it is set up. I mean we say Hi once in a while but to get the closeness and get to know each other is harder for me.
Is it just me you guys?

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Especially when half of the features don't even work! How many out there keep on forgetting to click on the word 'follow' for a thread you want to follow--like I do?
Yes Heart but to click follow doesn't that remind you on you regular email? We don't get alerts like we do on the other site and I miss that.
Hi George. I don't believe we have met. Very happy to meet you.
It does take alot of time to bounce from group to group the way it is set up. I guess there is nothing can be done about it though.
I'm in about 30 groups, and I can zip through them in about 1 ot 2 hours.
You are right Kati. I to am grateful that we have ning. We could have lost touch with each other all together. Your are right. ((((HUGS))))
I've had various times in my life when things changed in my life that made me sad. For example, when the college-age group in a former church broke up after several years. When a youth group leader left the group. When i found out I was unwelcome in a particular youth group. When the Amway couple that were my leaders decided to quit the business, and so on. Each one of these eras in my life meant a great deal to me, and it was sad to see them go. But that's what life is all about. Life ism't statuc. Instead, life changes all the time, even if we don't realize it. We can either embrace those changes, and get on with our lives, or we can grieve over the changes and stagnate. It's up to us.
I'm in 24-26 groups on here and 39 groups on Jan's Recipes site, but don't post in all the groups I'm in. Many of the groups I'm in on this site were because someone wanted me to join them.




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