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His profile is still here as KenWritez and his posts were as witty as they were intellectual.  Cleverly disguised as Gordon Ramsay for much of the time that he resided here, he had everyone intrigued by the sharp knife in is profile and his cutting remarks on the page. 

He eventually confessed to looking less like the rugged, sandy-haired chef and more like the actor Dom Deluise.  After that point, he changed his profile to more aptly project his opinion of his looks:

While he presented a snarky, sometimes surly exterior, he was in reality a kind and gentle man who was madly in love with his beautiful wife Lindsay.  He confessed to me that she was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to him.

Second only to his love for her was his love for Wednesday nights.  On Wednesdays his diet was cast aside and Lindsay would bring home Whoppers for dinner.

He loved gourmet cooking, he loved science-fiction and he loved God, and despite the doubts that he had in life...I know that God loves him too.

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I remember Ken for his support, and patience with me as I struggled to write a few pieces when I first came to TBD. I will always wonder about rutabagas.

Thank you for starting this remembrance discussion.

I do remember Ken from the old days and I always read his comments happily. Yeah, snarky was simply the uniform of the day sometimes, but it all served a purpose. It made an artful tapestry of thought (with some notable exceptions).  Ken was a great thinker, and I admired his way of always having input that was relevant, and more often than not, funny.

I miss him.




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