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. . . . . . . .  One of  the possible futures  as predicted in science fiction.  :-)

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I suppose I am splitting semantic hairs here, but it seems to me that rather than being an alternative to food, this product is just another form of food - a highly processed food.  This does not offer the worlds hungry masses any freedom from large scale agricultural processes when it is made from rice, oats, olive/canola/fish oils, maltodextrin (made from corn or wheat usually), etc.

I think it would be a great way to provide temporary nutrition to refugees and victims of natural disasters etc., but it would be difficult to imagine it satisfying my cravings for a multitude of conventional meals.  Maybe if the they could tweak the flavor and texture it might serve as an occasional supplement when too occupied to otherwise stop and eat.

That soylent looked a lot better than Tang to me.  Tang is close to undrinkable.  I rate it somewhere between cough syrup and Lite beer.




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