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i have not been in much lately.  I started this group, and then Ning went through changes and they were talking about charging us to belong....everyone left!  Well, most everyone did.  I come in from time to time to check on my groups.  I noticed recently that there has been a bunch of new members.

If you post recipes, try to post to catagories, as I have started.  If you aren't sure ask me.  I may go thru and check out some of the catagories (discussions) and see if any need to be deleted. 

What are some catagories you would like to see.

I will start a discussion and call it "Recipe Comments" for anyone who wants to make comments on a recipe. 

If you have any ideas, please post them here in this discussion.



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I'll have to check out the categories and I will try to stay within the limits.  What happened with charging people to be here?  I hope they won't because first I lost my contacts in Eons and then over at Think BE Do they are shutting down Dec. 31.  I hope we don't loose TEEBEEDEE also.  That would be sad.  I am going to stay till they kick me off I guess. 




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