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Welcome to my kitchen...Let talk cooking and recipes....what would you like to make...Is dinner planned...need some ideas? Are you having a party this weekend...a BBQ?
Everyone is welcome, and I hope you bring some good recipes, dishes, and ideas...
We will even take ideas to make our day go easier...even in cleaning.

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I will add more catagories, as needed....If you have any ideas for something special...please let me know.
If any of you have recipes for a catagory not listed yet, please start a catagory and please invite any of your other friends that you think may be interested.
For years, I collected recipes, cookbooks, and newspaper clippings.....the last time I moved from Utah to Oregon, I disposed of a lot of cookbooks and the newspaper clippings. Some I had never tried and figured wtf...and cut back. Now with the internet, there are so many good recipe sites....I go crazy joining an saving recipes.
i want to say hello to all you new members and welcome to the group....

Again, welcome to the group, and this is kind of what I had in mind when I started this group.

First, I love the picture.  Second, I am drooling over a recipe I pined on Penterest which is crock pot ribs.  Has anyone tried it?  It looked good and easy to do but sometimes baking (so to speak) over BBQ leaves a lot more fat. So I am wondering if it is really good.




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