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What defines your Identity?

Many factors come to play in defining one's identity...ex   education, religion, political affiliation, name, gender orientation, traumatic experiences, fashion sense, family role, social and/or financial status, sports, race, ethnicity, esoteric interests, etc

Which factors contribute greatly to yours?

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Cheri, that's a great answer.
I too am defined by my family which is a well respected one in our Filipino community. My grandfather was a mayor and many of my relatives are politicians. Most of all I am defined by my profession as a teacher and motherhood like yourself. I shall be cutting the apron strings soon. I have a 16 & 18 yr old. I am also defined by my religion/spirituality. and by my handicap (moderate hearing impairment). I'd like to defined more by my creativity.

Btw Cheri....the kids who egged my house confessed and apologized to my daughter. They were her former best friend. Too bad the incident shook up my family dynamics. I don't speak to my sister any longer, because I hate the fact that my kids can't have friends over.




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