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Can you grill it?

Just got to wondering.....

                                      What's the deal with grilling being  the guy's job?

Some men I know can't cook water and yet they are expected to go and grill the steak?   What's with that?  Is there some secret class you fellas take?  

Also...what's with carving the turkey?  I'm sure you guys will fill me in...

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Hello Robbie....something got those women stirred up about something.   Duck!!!!!  Incoming!!!!
If you weren't about to spend your morning with those people I would kick you, but I figure they're torture enough ;-)


If you'd come around earlier Robbie I could argue discuss with you, but, O, NO, you wait until I'm sleeping...

Robbie knows how to pick his battles.....

Who are those people...did I miss something?

Quinn is simply forthright...to the point.   I'd doubt Robbie would duck...*wish there was video on TBD....*


He was breakfasting with the Conservatives this morning ;-))
A pox on him!!!!!!!

Is that contagious?

Only to far right-wingers
Its wasn't "breakfasting"....it was having coffee.  Generally speaking, those guys eat at home before they show up.....no sense letting too many people get their money, you know.  Actually there is no breakfast available at the Brew-Ha....its mostly just strong coffee, or the various Yuppie beverages, which need a barista to prepare.
very few of those here anymore and for that I am grateful.
PA, there is a reelection coming up....political ho ha coming our way in droves....It's gonna be a wild ride.




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