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Why has some of the groups like this one died down? This seems like it would be a fun place to hang out. What would it take to get people active again? Any thoughts?

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This group has potential for sure.

Maybe with everyone's help we can revive it again.

That would be great.

Maybe we should all post a question once in a while. Better than nothing at all.

Did someone clean out all the old question?  Sure looks that way  Is anyone moderating it at the moment?

Over time I have deleted some questions and posts.  Mostly those with bad links, profanity, nudity, ads and bulling.


Not sure if anyone is managing. Alot of these groups are over 5 years old. Some can probably be saved though.

I like the idea of all of us trying to get this group going.  The original idea was a good one by whoever started the group.  

I miss some of the groups we had on BV, one being my Thoughts, Prayers and Energy group and Health group but what can you do?




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