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There are fragrancies for men and there are fragrancies for ladies....some expensive and some not. But who decides what men wear and what girls wear? Are they unterchangable? What's your favorite?....on yourself and on your SO?

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I missed it. What is Jitterbug Perfume?
'Even Cowgirls get the Blues" got me hooked and I read everything he put out for years but the last one , Can't remember the title, I just couldn't get into.  Haven't read any of his stuff for a few years now.

I remember reading "Another Roadside Attraction" but couldn't get through "Still Life with Woodpecker".  Anyhoo back on topic, soap and water is my favorite scent. Lily of the Valley body powder doesn't hurt either and spraying vinegar inside the garbage cans seems to burn the nose of Fredrica the freeloading raccoon who looks very pregnant and got into the poo poo platter leftovers. Helps to have those disposable gloves. Never know when a raccoon might be carrying rabies. I've been staying off the computer except to email my Quaker Lady friend and sewing another crazy quilt. It's in the 40s tonight in Maine and I'm beginning to wonder how to get a perfect tomato in this climate. Ramble on.

Entice buyers=bake cookies for the open house...so I've heard.

Now tell me how to not entice bunnies from nibbling away at my pepper plants.

There just may be a certain scent that will send them scurrying into the neighbor's yard.




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