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How much older or younger a person would you date?


I spent the day with a lovely man who is much older than I am. When people see us together, I'm sure there are plenty of stereotypes that will immediately come to mind. I'd like that not to matter, but it might.


How do you feel about it? Would you date someone 20 years older or younger than you?

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That's true, and if it ends up being something I consider for long term then that would be something to think about.

Something to think about indeed...

Within the scope of a new (and potentially serious) relationship, I tend to believe that as you get older, the closer in age the 2 parties are, the easier it will be to learn and understand each others as well as to sharing ups and downs when they occur (e.g. health).

Come on; somebody post something 250 words+!!!!

If I were available, the "cut-off" would have more to do with HER tolerances and perceptions, as I am a perennial arrested adolescent.


Actually, when she was 20, my daughter briefly dated a feller seven years older than her. I told her, he's a nice guy, but the difference between 20 and 27 is NOT the same as the difference between 40 and 47. They broke up a few months later when he suddenly wanted her to drop out of college, get married and start pumping out kids.

I have dated someone 10 years older & 10 years younger...The younger one had more piss & vinegar, the older one...Well, He could really rock n roll.
He was in a band, caseyjo? ;).....The older one?

Might I add that it was an "older woman" who taught me a thing or two about the mysteries 'twixt men and women?

(I was 14, she was 18 - A whole 'nother generation, at that age. My laissez-faire attitude towards "dating someone older" was probably heavily influenced by that.)

I dont know you well dodger, but I would describe you as a very moxy lady..I respect & admire that quality in people.........Moxy.....Self possessed confidence. An attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances. The capacity to stand alone in favor of an unpopular opinion or course of action with a casual demeanor. The word fell out of usage as the character traits it represented both became less common and came to be viewed as unfavorable in others.

Five years either way.

Any younger and they're my sisters age and that just feels weird to me.


That's why the 20 years difference doesn't work for me.  A bit too close to my nephew's age.  :-)

Who am I kidding?

Any kinda date with any age woman would work for me!




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