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Food combinations that is. I found out last night that not everyone has heard of pouring a small bag of salted peanuts into a "Big Orange" drink from back in the day. That was a real treat when I was in high school. We had vending machines in my little high school and sometimes peanuts in a Big Orange was dinner......or lunch depending on where you're from.

What other weird food combinations turn you on? I once knew a guy who poured chocolate syrup on his hambuger.

pop corn and mustard?   peanut butter and mayo sandwich?


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tx, Bob. we do. '-)

speaking of which... last night I made (for the first time) Thai Peanut Chicken & vegetables w/Rice Noodles. It was good! Definitely a keeper, and I'll tweek what I did last night & make it better next time.
No Valdelia onions?
Peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches.

One Thanksgiving my cranberry sauce touched my cottage cheese. I've been mixing the two together ever since.
I'm just glad your turkey didn't touch your... ahhh. stuffing?

Being alone can be good....being lonely can be bad
Lonesome is bad as well.....:=(




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