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Tell me about the interesting, weird or  usual stuff you have  found in the depths of the inner workings of your favorite sofa/divan/couch.

I'm sure there has been some mighty strange and amusing treasures discovered when you were finally brave enough to reach down deep...!

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Does finders keepers work?

I haven't checked lately, but the last time I did, it was cat hair and dusk bunnies. OK, I admit it, they were so large, they may have been dust jackalopes. 

Stuffing from the disemboweled toy animals that are now pelts.  Maybe a couple of eyes that my beagle doesn't swallow as he destroys the stuffed animals. 

RRC!   Nice to see you pop in!

Teeb....what's a dusk bunny?   Is it the evil cousin to the dust bunny ?

That's a bunny found only just before sundown.....:=)

Shortly followed by the Lust bunny which shows-up at bedtime.

Then the Bust Bunny shortly thereafter....

All amidst the aroma of the musk bunny.

Yuz guyz are hilarious!!!




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