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The ads in the back of comic books from "back in the day", of course. Stuff you never knew existed, but just had to have once you saw 'em.

When I was about 13 or 14, i paid twenty-five cents for a pamplet titled "How to Kiss Girls." I watched the mail box like a hawk for the next few weeks so I could intercept what i was sure to be some "hot" reading materials before either of my parents saw it. Sure enough, I did see it first and saved my butt from certain near death punishment. Don't even remember what the secret to kissing girls was, but I think I finally learned on my own....:-D

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I ordered one. Had it three days and then my German Sheppard inhaled it.
The black and white pages are much better than the slick, colored ones, for use in the outhouse....
Hey! Here's the gal who would know! Welcome back!

You're right, too. Now newspaper is great, lots more absorbent, but if you're concerned about esthetics, it's not so tidily bound as the catalog.
"What's Better Than A Sears Catalogue?"

Thumbing through it whilst eating a bag of Cracker Jack's, washing it down with a six pack of PBR . They removed the boxes from this particular market and replaced them with sealed paper bags. Fortunately they keep putting prizes in there. Got to admit that I don't miss the taste of wet cardboard.




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