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Is there anything that you've done the same way for years?  Are you willing to try something different?

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I'm trying to do something I've never in my life been able to do......that is to ignore self-centered people...
I've always been guilty of pulling their chain....
It's true, living in a different country is a big one, lots of new things to get used to - but I've been here so long I forgot about it! I guess it's not new for me any more. Of course, living in Europe is a whole lot more like living in the States than going to a non-western country. You have a lot more challenges in language, culture and amenities than we have here.
Good to know!
Compared with most of my friends, I am much more willing to try something different. Of course, then, if I really like it I'm not very likely to want to stop doing it. As a consequence, I am considered somewhat eccentric by some.

We have a family friend who does extreme travel. I am not interested in life-threatening experiences myself. But some people act like trying a new food is going to kill them. And I don't mean food like living insects or you-don't-know-what-it-is. I mean like a casserole not made from leftovers. Or a vegetable purchased at a major food store. I like trying recipes using different seasonings. I like learning about ingredients and flavors. Sometimes the experiment doesn't work but "every meal need not be a lifetime experience."

I cooked chicken a new way this week. It didn't turn out the way I imagined it would, but it wasn't nasty and now I know that the seasoning I used this time doesn't please me best. I won't do that one again.
I like your sense of little daily adventures, Baia. Eccentric is great.

I agree that adrenalin rush is not why I want to travel. Sky diving and bungee jumping will never be on my bucket list, though in my thirties I did try (the relatively tame) parasailing in Mexico - and landed in the water. Heh. They pulled me out quick so their chute wouldn't get too wet; my humble person was the least of their worries.

But what I do love is meeting and communicating with people who live differently from me, and seeing the nature, art and culture that is part of their world - the domestic architecture, the markets, the clothing, the objects of everyday life. That stuff excites me.
Sounds wonderful, Chez. I think that is the best part about traveling.
Yeah, Chez. I like that too. Now that I AM a little old lady, I would like to sit with the other little old ladies on the bench in the square and observe and comment on the life of the place, where ever that place may be.

I'm going to try that out on my next trip.
Hey, isn't that what we're doing here, too?

:-D :-D :-D
Now that you mention it, yes.
It is good practice.
I'm growing a beard. First time ever. I've had every other combination of whiskers but never the full thing. I think I
look kind of sophisticated. it's only 10 days old but so far, nobody has even mentioned it. Do you think that's a bad sign?
I think I may go without shaving my legs for a few weeks.





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