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*Snagging from another thread.*


Okay...we've been around the block..Been there...done that...    Either from just plain being tired...worn out...or fed up...

What's on the "done" list?


Won't lift the heavy stuff...leave it lay or ask a hunky young thing to do it....









I don't do pantyhose anymore....either my arms are too short or my legs have gotten longer.















This is definitely not my style....kissing up or bowing over backwards...to anyone.

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oh, cr@p, Jaylee... I didn't think you were here! 


*dashing over to the Baker's Dozen thread to see if it's too late to delete...*


Quinn wrote: I never could suffer fools well, now I just won't! it isn't worth my time.

ever wanna say something like this?...

Did someone say foolish and stupid? Here's a sample of some of my friends ...........

In keeping with the thread, I can't and won't do these things anymore. Actually when I was younger, I did not participate in this kind of behavior. I was usually just an onlooker with a beer in my hands ...


I can't / won't listen to "normal" music anymore...
Define "normal"
 No More running. Done track in school, did the military thing.
I cannot and will not ever whine or complain about my weather here...God is good.
Just got back from the eye doc...I can't see without tri-focals anymore.


I've had bifocals for  few years now, the invisible kind so no one knows I'm old [ha!].

I've had trouble lately seeing the computer, hence the trifocal.


And, me trip? hahaha---there's a reason they call me grace :-))




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