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The bf walked in here tonight & was desperately trying to call his friend.....When I asked why he told me her little chiwawa (spell?) dog had 5 puppies a couple hours ago & he thinks we should get one.

I cant make up my mind & I need a little help...What do you all think about puppies & kitties...if you didnt have one right now, would you get one? I have a certain freedom I did not have before, but I also miss my companion Hobo who died a little over a year ago....

I need help to make up my mind before he asks again tomorrow morning.....I guess he has known for months the dog was preg. & didnt tell me....... all along thinking of getting a pup so I would not be alone......What would you do???????

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No fight intended L. J. everyone to his own kick as Brother Dave used to say. I will however never understand  intentional pain or discomfort inflicted on a helpless animal. ( I do not include scorpions and fire ants in this group....death to them all!!!)

However, I agree with Jaylee.....I hope for their sake no domestic animal of any kind ever looks to you for comfort and protection.

You have a nice day, and do drop in again. You come up with some good stuff from time to time.

Actually, OH, my bite can be quite ferocious. examples of which I won't publish here....this isn't the place for such.

This is a peaceful place, a place I enjoy being a part of. I can let my opinions be known without creating a foofaraw. I am a tolerant man....have a long fuse....I have a problem with mis-treatment and dis-respect of women, the elderly and animals.

I think a person must first have the ability to put itself in the dogs shoes...If a person does not have that ability they would not understand the dogs suffering. 

I am a animal lover & feel animals belong in nature where they were meant to be, but we have domesticated the dog & cat to the point they cannot live in nature very well without us...so....I might choose to have another little friend around to keep me company..plus I know with me it will be well taken care of.

If you keep a animal well fed, watered, brushed, & a occasional bath & make sure it gets plenty of exercise & love which they have learned to count on....much like us....The animal should not have many Dr. visits,& not need health ins. or exotic food....There are some people who would do great to have a companion which gets them off their rear ends..Bending over to feed twice a day is not a chore when you get used to it & giving love is easy for many people...they even enjoy it.

For a canine's take on life read The Art of Racing in the Rain, written from the perspective of Enzo, a Taoist inspired dog.


How would you feel if you were tied to a pole only to be fed & die? 

Believing I am nature really meant to be part of nature & not stuck behind 4 walls for fear of nature... esp. man, I am the only animal which is no longer able to live free...A dog or esp. a cat would do a much better job at catching onto living in nature than humans would...We are the biggest abominations of nature which ever hit the planet.....

When it comes to humans & their obsessive obsessions w/ money, it all boils down to survival & I doubt most people even realize it.....I need to eat, sleep, drink, & have shelter to survive...We think money will buy us all these things, but what happens to us in the days it does not? Killing each other...Thats what.

We would do much better to learn to get rid of stuff & learn (again) to live off the land...I know this, but I guess I think there is still time for me to enjoy stuff.....The very stuff which ties me down & takes me away from my true nature....Sometimes I have to sit back & these things come back into focus for me.

When it comes to animals I believe it is a human obsessive nature to lock & tie them up so,  to bring my dog closer to the nature he is we took our Hobo out daily & did not lock him to a tree......There is nothing in nature that wants to or should be tied down...

Yeah..I know..Why own one in the first place? Selfishness on my part for a companion...Yeah I do project what a animal must think, but I truly am a great pet owner...I go back & forth on this subject the same as I do with stuff......I am not free yet..maybe that will only happen in death.

I understand you LJ........Like you said to Bob.........Nuff said.
Yup......I'm done.
Well....we decided not to get a puppy. Maybe next year..maybe not...I am somewhat relieved.




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