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   Can each of you think of just one small thing

you can do for the people in your neighborhood?

It might be something as small as putting your

extra quarter in the gumball machine and leaving

the candy for the next little kid who checks. Or ?

     I'm looking for ideas.

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Well Stir, that's put you at an excellent advantage. How would you correct the misuse of assests? Would you redirect them? How?
Most people don't want others butting into their business. Many folks take advantage of well meaning do-gooders. The older I get, the fewer answers I have. I try to lead by example. Ultimately, we need to try to help ourselves first....often good things follow then.
Finally giving up on the day those cloths will fit again (what's that about something freezing over?) and donating them to Goodwill.
I let my daughter live with me without charge. She takes care of our landscaping and gardening. Now our house and yard are no longer the neighborhood eyesore.

She also volunteers in the community. Lately she has been picking fruit from trees volunteered by their owners who don't care about the fruit. The fruit is donated to community food banks.
Sometimes, when I'm retracing our dogs' walk route to clean up anything they "dropped", I'll go ahead and clean up the offerings left behind by the less-responsible dog owners.
I don't think I've ever been that angry...
It can be empowering. The trick is to learn how to focus it and direct it, and not squander it on useless tantrums.

Not that I have any experience in that area.




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