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A thread to ask whatever we're wondering about. 

I know we can do this individually in Q&A, but this thread can be akin

to Random Thoughts in Games, only queries.

Feel free to include the answer to your question, or not.


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It was flying South and it was reported that it was suffering from constipation.

What's wrong with PA's avatar?

Is something wrong? It looks normal to me.

It isn't you.
Chez isn't herself either...she's a deer.

This morning d's and Karenbear were other people too.

I'm a little freaked out right now that no one else sees it...

Sees what?

......the constipated bird?

Chez looks fine too. Have you been smoking something?

It all started back were Quinn was trying to calculate how many miles were in a kilometer.

A kilometer is approximately 5/8 of a mile.  So at 60 mph you are doing almost 100 kph.

Had to learn all that during the three years I was in Germany.  Had no use for it the previous two years that I spent in Southern Italy. The speed limit there was what ever your car was capable of. And the Largest vehicle had the right of way.

Well......there ya go, the kid with the biggest toy always wins.

....however a large bore hand gun does tend to even things out.

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Chez looks fine too. Have you been smoking something?


(I haven't eaten all day, anger is setting in) (sorry)
Did anyone watch the Patriots/Ravens game today?

How bad is that kicker feeling right now...

That can be a career ender. In Super Bowl XXV Buffalo kicker Scott Norwood missed a 47 yarder that would have won the game. He  only played one more year.




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