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.......and nobody's posted here in that time.  Come on people, where are the other five of you?  LOL!

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Larry brought his Kittycat to Houston last March.
Hey, there! I hadn't seen this thread when I started a similar "What's Going On?" one down the hall in the Forum. Well, now we have a couple of places just to check in. Good to see you guys.
And Jaylee, thanks for sharing the pic of you & Stir - it's great to see you two meeting up in real life! I've met over a dozen tbd'ers & I love getting together w/you guys. And *ahem* of course there's ONE..... well, what can I say? I met him & life has never been the same. *beaming* I'm REALLY thankful for tbd. sigh... '-)
Real life meetings are nice......finding out that cyber people are real. Like you, d's girl I found a life changer on TBDv1 nearly two years ago and we're still together.
I may even have a picture or two of us around somewhere.....let me go look and see what I can find. Untill then just check out my profile page...ther may be some there. :+)
hahaha.... I know all about your tbd love there, mr. stepp! Yes, life is good. '-)
I'm here! This place is a lot more active than the Forum; we need to post some things for discussion over there that we can get our teeth into, then maybe some of the others would hang around.
Just keepin' the door open.......*still lookin' for a picture*
Yawn.....its back to work again tomorrow, after a four day weekend.
I'm here!




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