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What would it cost to live there?

What is there to do at??

How does it compare with where I now live.

Here is a web site that has answers to almost anything  you want to know about almost anywhere in the US.


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I like the web-site Robbie....There is a lot to check out from there.......I would move around like you..I could really get into it i'm sure......I like moving around. The only thing is...My rent here is terrific..I dont want to lose this place...Umph...always something to hold me back......

You can always buy a used travel trailor and Pickup. Get ajob as a workkamper and move around as you want. There are many books about how to make a go of it.

Try www.workamper.com

Nope...I'm staying put, never met a place I liked better than here.

The cost of living is higher than other places, but it's worth it to me.

I guess I am staying here but I would like to have a vacation home on the beach and another in the mountains. Probably won't get either of those.
Me neither *sigh*

how about doing what we've done the last couple of years & just rent a place in those places.

Wayyyyy less expensive than owning.

We've rented a cabin in the Great Smoky Mtns for a few days the last 2 summers. It's been great.

I've also just done a lot of research on new places (new to us, I mean) so let me know if you're interested, I'm happy to share the info w/you. D-man calls me the Queen of Research. '-)

Sure, Let me know the paces that look good.

That was actually in response to P.A.'s comments about wanting to buy vacation homes in the mtns & at the beach, but the unlikeliness of that happening.

But here - check this thread out first...



and then this site...


and this one...



maybe we can coordinate our vacations & cross paths.

I have a book about living in Italy. But I've only glanced through it.  We have one mountain here and this year I plan on exploring the trails. I paid about a 1/3 of what my home is worth. There's lakes here too but I think that the water must be pretty cold.
In the early 80s I had some friends who retired to Maine. They didn't make it through the first winter. (:>)
 Robbie, I have hot flashes so the winter isn't cold enough here but I make do. March, everyone is sour but then when May rolls around it's so much more of a miracle and the weather is great for what I'm doing in my yard.( Wool, son, that's the ticket.)




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