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Crud Bum.......its a term that came into our family back when I was a kid.  I don't know how we came to find or use this term......it seems to have been around forever. 

A crud bum was an unkempt person, disheveled, unsavory, and maybe disreputable.  My mother still uses the term.

So what term or phrase did you use when you were growing up?  What was unique to your family or neighborhood?

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Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about "crumped", or "crumped out".  Again, I have no idea where we kids came up with this one, but it basically meant ailing, broken, or, out of commission.

Both of my parents latched onto the word, and used it often and crumped still pops up occasionally.

One of my brothers is battling serious medical problems, and he used the word last week.  I asked him if he'd heard from one of his friends, to which he replied, "no, he knows I'm crumped out".


When we double dated, my friend and I would excuse ourselves to use the 'sandbox'.  I don't remember where we first heard that used, but we stole it and made it ours.




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