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Let's imagine that you are a person who has heard about social networking and think maybe you will give it a try. You are in your mid 50s and would like to connect with people somewhere near your age for discussions, playing games, finding out more about various things available to people in your age group and possibly even dating.


How would you go about it? Do you think you would ever find TBD?


Try it. If you had some but not extensive knowledge about how to use the internet and wanted to try social networking; how would you go about it?


How would you find TBD?

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Maybe some others will do it on their Facebook pages and we'll reach out to a larger circle. Just to let everyone know that yes, we are still here and looking to re-connect with friends.
Thank you Cat!! I really thought TBD wasn't going to be ongoing. I am so happy that it is.
Thanks Chez. I love TBD (it changed my life..LOL). Let me play the devils advocate here. By no means am I trying to insult anything done or said. I have always believed if I "thought" something I am not unique enough to be the only one..LOL

1. Most sites have either advertising "or" donations. I think the donate button is great, but I think more of an explanation as to why is needed or a link to the explanation. Otherwise I am wondering who is making money from my donation and also advertising. Your explanation that you are trying to raise around $200.00 per year makes me more comfortable and also realize that I can "afford" to make a donation too :-)

2. You guys know the badge "must" change. I am glad you are looking for a new tagline.

3. The "About" I think needs to be updated. Robin may have created this and given us an opportunity to evolve into a site that thrives, but what I see here is a "collaborative" and we need to express that more clearly. Being a collaborative effort is a good thing and is "very" welcoming.
ok. . . I just have to sit back for a little while and think. Do we want to "change" TBD? I don't know that we do. I think a lot of folks left because things are always changing, moving, etc. People weren't so sure where they were supposed to be. I thought our focus was more in the lines of bringing people back to know that we are still the TBD they all once loved so much? Maybe I'm just reading too many posts in different threads, and it doesn't take much to confuse my little head, so forgive me if I'm getting overloaded.
Changing the site is not what we're talking about. Just finding something welcoming to put on the badge! That's the first step in making the place look welcoming.

The next would be to put a real welcome behind it when they arrive, and being sure they found someone to talk to. :-D
Phew. . . thanks Chez! I thought so, but wanted to be sure. I'm on the same page then.




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