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Some things are best described in images but they leave out what can affect us at our deepest core....scent.   The rush of smell that goes straight to our core....to our brain...stimulating a flood of memory...
Tell about what affects you....was it Grandmas' cologne...Grandpas' choice blend of pipe tobacco.
Use your words to convey the emotion or to describe the scent....

Just for starters......

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Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven....;-D
Fresh cut hay.
Home made bread- aroma therapy for the soul.
*my world is so dull*
But, you smell so good....;-D
I just got back from a bicycle ride around the neighborhood, and twice I encountered the smell of a campfire........very nice sensory pleasure.
my grandmother's pot roast & gravy.



Very true....I had forgotten about the smell of a real wood campfire...cooking bacon...frying a trout...marshmallows....just burnt enough...
Fried green tomatoes.....or anything fried for that matter....:-D

Basil, garlic, Italian sausage and the anticipation...

Garlic and butter.

Maple syrup on hot pancakes...

Ivory soap.

Some enjoy their own farts, but I wasn't going to post that because it is so icky. Sorry. Just trying to offer everything I can think of.

Sorry smells kind'a funny, if you have to say it.
:-D :-D :-D *'tis true!!*




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