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I'm asking about the BP BOX.

Why did Ice crystals form on the outside of the box?  I know that on surface wells, ice often forms on the Christmas tree for a few days after it is opened to vent. But I thought that was due to the expansion of the chemicals used to Frac the well. Or the expansion of gas from gas wells. But oil wells usually don't have ice present after the fracing chemicals are cleared. What laws of thermodynamics are at work here? Why couldn't BP forsee this problem?

Wish Gator Gal was on here. She would be able to explain what is going on. 

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I just returned from Mobile. I am getting news (text msgs and email) from friends who are actually out there on the ships.
As I understand it, (and it's questionable whether I really understand all that I know), it is not really ice as we think of it.
But "icelike hydrates" a slush of gas and water. It's true that it is forming on the outside of the box which makes it more buoyant, but the bigger problem is that it has formed inside the pipe at the top of the box and has plugged it up preventing the oil from being pumped out. The ice that you see on surface wells is true ice.

It would be easy enough to bring it back to the surface and add enough weight it to hold it down, but the plugging problem is more difficult to address. None of this was completely unexpected, but it was worth a shot, and they are learning from it and developing new strategy's.

BP did foresee this as a possibility, but at this point it was the only viable alternative that was quick. Like I said, it was worth a shot, and they may yet find a way to melt the "ice" and use the box.
Soap scum? Do we need to send in Mr. Clean?
We may never make it to the coast.
Okay, I know I'm pessimistic and skeptical, but I think we ought to tell BP and Toyota to pick up ther toys, pull up their pants and go back where they came from....after they clean up the mess they've made.


Sad to see a period at the end of a thread that a good friend started. I've known Robbie for many years through the different versions of TBD. He has been to my home for a birthday party, he has been to my home for dinner, he has been to my home just to visit, he has let me "dog sit" his dog Happy. I've heard that Robbie is dealing with personal issues and REALLY hope he comes back. 

SO guess I'll leave this...





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