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by David Hunter Sutherland

Call me crazy,
(mad with joy)
place this simple heart
languishing in harbor
on frugal ships that
trans-port this soul on
seven year sails and weather torn joints and graying mast,

Aboard where
cupboards creak without sound,
boughs tip with expectation,
and troll through implication
as I open each shore
crazy for life,
(mad with joy)

Euphemisms for Crazy....pls add to the list.
A few bricks short of a load
Five cans short of a six-pack
Not firing on all cylinders
An olive short of a pizza
Four quarters short of a dollar
Has a screw loose
Is Bugged Out
Should be in the Bughouse
Mad as hatter
Mad as a monkey on a trike
Lost his/her marbles
Belongs in the booby hatch

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LoL I had it on a long distance bus...one of the coach buses. I guess I just lost my head. I hope noone is reading this besides the 3 of us. It is a mortifying memory.
hehehheheheh Lily and Zen....this is making me giggle.
The craziest thing I've ever done . . . it's really kind of hard to give you the whole picture, but, anywayz

I posted this:


and then on the appointed Wednesday noted in that -- essay? -- I went and sat on the bench, just to see, you know, because I really wasn't sure if . . . I mean, I didn't know really . . . I mean, they could have . . .

never mind.

Do ya wanna hear about the email I sent to the Army of God? Well. There is no Army of God, really. That's just a fabrication . . . hm. EeYeah. You don't wanna hear about that either.

Never mind. I mean really. The craziest things I've ever done, well. They're crazy.
I read it Zen....and I thought of this poem written by someone else:

B e i n g H u m a n - B e i n g L i a r s
Ever since the first day of our human history
we have survived by pretending and lying
this learned behavior became our nature
worn like an inseparable skin by all of us.

Competition games determining the strongest
developing abilities of mind and instinctive flair
tricking out the dummies and winning the race
getting what is desired without slightest concern.

The greatest liars and most clever pretenders
are manipulating others and all circumstances.
Nothing has changed about it since the beginning
only the methods used are more sophisticated.

Taught by authoritarian liars to adopt honesty
we integrated this into our survival techniques
covering our skin of lies with beautiful moral robes
of spiritually colored integrity-belief concepts.

Hiding and escaping have been part of surviving
then embellished, justified methods were added
to defend one's own lie with moral arguments
advocating one's 'only truth' with superior status.

Is existence completed through personal games?
Are survival needs fulfilled by striving for power
where the strongest ones are swallowing all others -
ending up as greatest untouchable human beasts?

The biggest lie might be the one of immortality
manifesting oneself by building liar's monuments
accumulating property - towering lies up to the sky
blinding oneself, unaware that all is bound to death.

Tranquilizing people's feelings of fear and inferiority
by creating new spiritual concepts of immortality
offering satisfying immaterial images to identify with
ensuing high floating spaces beyond daily reality.

We are all natural liars - because we are human
not able to jump over our own inborn shadow.
All have this restraint - even the elite power players
only they are adept at overshadowing the rest of us.

Manipulating and controlling the whole world
is the self-centered play of a few top master liars.
Leading and winning in a chess game of existence
they get their superior godlike feeling out of it.

Promoting one's own lie as the greatest truth
gives the legitimate right to defend it and fight
eliminating any resistance with all available means
to manifest the final untouchable truth forever.

While pretending to be the elite savior of mankind
killing and lying and causing unbearable suffering
spreading death and starvation over the planet
using all life as pawns to promote their lofty goals.

Puppets stay in dependency and suffer as victims
a personal confirmation game no different than others
adopting a passive manner, feeling helpless and numb
giving the fault to all around - but never to themselves!

The manipulators don't only sit on presidents' chairs
having gained boundless power to move all strings
using their unlimited winnings to blow themselves up
in an endless fighting game striving for satisfaction.

The rest are playing in fields of small daily events
getting the richest juice out of life as good as they can.
Competition is pervasive, all reaching out for one goal:
striving for highest satisfaction - in this are all equal.

Nobody can have power if it is not given to them.
We are the ones who are feeding the monster
which then rips us off and holds us dependent
giving us what we ask for - buying satisfaction.

Just as everything grows to its maximum size
the lies will expand to momentous proportions
until they collapse like a skyscraper card house
swallowed into itself, a black hole of nothingness.

Does each of us have to fall into final emptiness
nakedly confronting oneself stripped from one's skin
to be able to realize there is an underlying truth
that doesn't depend on one's personal perception?

Can we dare to look beneath our established lies?
Existence does not depend on how we see it
and how we limit it to our concepts and beliefs.
'Being' by itself is enough - all the rest is dust.

Let's clean the dust from our mirrors of perception
observing clear reflections, we will see ourselves
free of dependencies and old established lies
in a new light of awareness of our real Being.

B e i n g H u m a n - B e i n g F r e e.
You like this guy's work. It is interesting, though I don't really think of it as poetry. Not that I think of it as prose either. It is interesting.

Nobody can have power if it is not given to them.

Not sure if I agree with that. Maybe. In the context that he has it framed, within the race of consumption, it is intended to be true, but in a way it remains but one more illusion. The power is there, waiting to be taken. Most of us fail to see clearly enough to understand that, or to know how to use that power if we do understand that it is just waiting to be taken.

What an interesting statement. It's kind of like a thing that exists in a four dimensional space. Is it myth? or Truth? The creation of the democratic process long ago attempted to place power in the hands of many. Yet today it seems as if it hasn't. Or are we simply beguiled by smoke and mirrors, unaware . . .

It kind of reminds me of the Gordian Knot - probably haven't spelled that right. Anyone could have cut that knot. Only one dared.

A sandwich short of a picnic, going doolally
going doolally ~ Is that an "English" saying?




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