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When people lose their jobs they may be dismissed, sacked, fired or kicked out; they may be out on their ear or on their neck; they may be shown the door; or they may be given their cards, their marching orders, the push, the elbow, the old heave-ho or the order of the boot.

Some professions, however, have their own individual terminology for this situation: a clergyman may be defrocked, a lawyer disbarred

A secretary could be defiled.
A salesman could be disordered.
A writer could be described.
A journalist could be depressed.
A botanist could be deflowered.
A traffic warden could be defined.
A poet could be diversified.
A celebrity could be defamed.
A neurologist could be unnerved.
A gambler could be discarded.
A Chinese waiter could be disoriented.
A solicitor could be distorted.
A rabble-rouser could be demobbed.
A mathematician could be nonplussed.


Can you think of 3 more?
teacher? dentist? doctor? ballet dancer, construction worker, nanny, etc?

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A dentist defanged
lol @ dentist defanged
A key grip could be released.
A bag boy could be sacked.
What is a "key grip"?
In American and Canadian film-making, the key grip is the chief grip (lighting and rigging technician) on the set. Like a foreman, the key grip directs a crew of grips, some with specialized skills such as dolly grips, crane operators, camera car operators, etc. The key grip is sometimes credited as the first company grip.

As per Wikipedia.
Thank you for your explanation Ubu. I learned something new.




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