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What colors define you?

You don't have to respond in poetic form.
Have fun playing with words or definitions.

What colors define Me...

Red for life and a loving heart
which cupid struck with his unerring dart
Blue for peace and endless skies
and the eloquence of his eyes

Violet for spirituality and a vivid imagination
which spurs deeper sensations

Orange for the splendid hues of Autumn
and an intellect with no bottom

White for my guradian angel's wings
in God I trust..not in what money brings.

Yellow for the Philippine sun and summer fun
and carnival tents pitched by smiling nuns.

(Note: I wrote this poem in '05)

These are the colors of ME...
Now share with me the colors of You

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Fluffy, care to do the color poem?
I do write, but sometimes I have to think about it before I write something and other times it just flows out of me in spurts. I think I will have to ponder this and write something soon. Thank you for the invitation! :)




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