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Is anyone getting snow?  We may get some snow Monday night into Tuesday?  No major storms in the near future.

How is your weather where you are today?

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*Good  Morning*

, we had our very first snowfall of the season
up here in beautiful
, northern New England ~
a soft dusting ~  just enough to look  pretty!

Good Afternoon Shelti! 

I like the cute snowflakes, you are so good with graphics!

It is nice you had the 1st snowfall, it sure gets you into the Festive Mood!

Love the graphic!

Glad it was Shelti and not me! - LOL!


Hi Shelti, where are you from in northern New England? I was born in Newport and used to live in NH that is why I moved to NC to get away from the snow! lol


We awoke to another inch of fluffy snow
       and our pair of 
*Sheltiegirls* are sooo happy...
       enough of the frosty stuff to play snowball fetch!

Good Afternoon Shelti, wow you have had a second day of snow.  Do you have boots for your Sheltiegirls?


not boots, but they do have soft + warm fleece
coats for our seriously
*crazy cold* winter days!

I hear the Artic cold is coming, no snow here yet.  It is so gloomy and rainy, just not very nice out.  Enjoying hot coffee and a warm fire.  And YES! Being on the computer.

Ah, Yes,

Our weather is a changin n'. Thirty four degrees outside this AM, overcast with a little touch of fox and mist! 

The grandkids stayed overlast night, and it looks like another great opportunity to put another log on the fire, have some more coffee, play with the kids, and spend some time on the computer.....




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