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I'm starting space for anyone to post anything you find on the internet that you think others might find interesting or useful. Maybe it's something you want to know if anybody else has had any experience with. My post a few days ago asking about Meetup.com would be an example.

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getpocket.com is a web service that I exploit regularly. After making an account (either free or premium ad-free) it adds an extension to your browser that allows you to save any content you find to your own personal pocket page where you can peruse it later or just keep it for reference. Several times a week I get an email notification from them suggesting articles that might be of interest to me, based on my preferences. From their home page:

Save content from everywhere.

Save articles, videos and stories from any publication, page or app. Curate your own space filled with everything you can’t wait to learn.

If you read Kindle books, I've found EBookTracker (https://tracker.kindlenationdaily.com) to be helpful. It's free to register; it tracks Kindle books for you; you tell it to notify you once books have dropped to a certain price or lower.

Good one, I'm registering. I have had two kindles but gave up on both due to charging/battery problems. I now use a kindle app on a Samsung tablet.

That reminds me of  BookBub.com,  although I think most ebook readers know that one. If not  you register, indicate your preferences and get a daily summary of what ebooks are available, on sale, from all sources. Usually $3 or less.

My BookBub app just notified me of a trivia quiz book being offered for free today in Ebook format. It is entitled Which is Not True? the Quiz book, and is available from Amazon books, but I don't know for how long.

Just got it; thanks for the heads up, PTB; looks good!

If you like fantasy &/or science fiction, tor.com has orig. fiction, short stories you can read for free. Not sure if you can just go to their site & read or if you have to sign up for the email, which I did, it's free; their articles are usually good too. Just got to read a great story, "Wait for Night" by 1 of my fave authors, Stephen Graham Jones.

Has anybody tried Kialo.com? https://www.kialo.com/tour

It is a debate platform where members can contribute their "2 cents" on a wide variety of topics organized by subject area. I signed up some time ago and get occasional newsletters but have not yet taken the time to really explore the site and engage in any debates.

Do you find it difficult to discuss death? Or do you feel it's a topic that should be discussed openly in order to share ideas about how to prepare or just cope with the inevitability of it? Here's a link to an outfit that holds death cafes, trying to convince people to openly talk about it.


"Welcome to Death Cafe
At a Death Cafe people drink tea, eat cake and discuss death. Our aim is to increase awareness of death to help people make the most of their (finite) lives."

If you like trivia quizzes, sporcle.com is good; lots of interesting categories and pretty funny smartaleck comments if you don't do well on a quiz ;-)

 This is where you can go find a picture of the headstone and info about the person that passed. It will tell you their parents names, sibling's names and spouse's name. I found that my paternal grandmother was married to someone before she married my grandfather. I didn't have the dates so all I did was put in name and state they are buried at. It will give you links to the other people so you can go in and check those people too.


That's a good one.




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