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whoa, he's lucky guy
if I could not be that one
then I'll be the wall
your pupils dilate
your perfect body tenses
your lips part slightly

i kiss you softly
from chin to navel and back
you wait for what comes...
legs open, bending,
quiet rustling behind me
hands on my hips urge
sensuous, scintillating
poised and so ready
he accepts the warm package
hold on for the ride
he looks down at her
such tenderness in his eyes
she yields utterly
he looks down on her
the desire of the ages
finally fulfilled.
desire without end
raising upturned hands to you
in supplication

perfectly equal
yet perfectly different
we are yin and yang

you sprawl in your chair
i am drawn like a magnet
by your growing need

i sit at your feet
my entire body vibrates
just touching your skin

you reach with both hands
and hold my face between them
your eyes speak softly

a moan escapes me
i rest my head on your thigh
my mouth seeks the source

water cascading
our bodies perfectly joined
we commune with love

a thought flips the switch...
only you have the power
to do that to me

standard roles reverse
the top becomes the bottom
and down becomes up

passion flows though me
a freight train out of control
plunging on full steam

breaching the tunnel
delving deep as possible
into the darkness




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