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Okay...DD's thread has been FUN!  So here's a related topic. Where or what or with whom did you have, or imagine, crazy sex. Yup...real or fantasy, or a little of both.

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taking him in hand
I slide my mouth so slowly
warm, wet, on his cock
a gasp escapes him
he groans as I slide up; down
my mouth owning him
he grows harder still
waves of heat, rolling desire
I teasingly stop

sweet, hot agony
I mount his cock & ride him
'til there's wild release
omg DD, you're killin' me!
tango in rio
tall and straight you embrace me
your black curls glimmer

i melt into you
my pelvis locked to your groin
your eyes bore through me

with one sweeping turn
we begin the complex steps
flawlessly weaving

moving in and out
penetrating each other
violent and sweet

intricate patterns
primal man, primal woman
giving and taking

your raw sexuality
makes strangers want you

but it's me you need
and i give myself to you
on the dark dance floor

sweat runs down your neck
I lick it off, you shiver
you brush my nipples

I hook my heel on
your ankle, you lift and turn
your erection plain

overcome with lust
you thrust your leg between mine
i slide down your thigh

pulling me into
apilado, our hearts race
our bodies contend

my leg on your hip
you hold my calf and bend me
into cupid’s bow

leaning down slowly
you kiss my décolleté
moans escape the crowd

“olé! Levá-la!”
passion filled voices urge you
but you’re deaf to them

this is our moment
our bodies shudder, knowing…
i swoon from your heat

you press down on me
I am eclipsed, and I come
lost in your umbra
I 2nd that kudo x2 Whew.....................
oh, so hot!

tension in your face

relaxes with my first touch

desire shrouds your eyes


i straddle your lap

there in the soft leather chair

that marks your success


between deep kisses

i caress your rigid manhood

guiding you firmly


strong arms embrace me

you thrust the stress of your week

high up inside me


piled papers scatter

as you roughly lay me back

across your big desk


“oh dean p.” i gasp

“i call this top-drawer service!”

“we aim to please, m’am…”


mirth ripples through us

intensifying our lust

you bite my neck hard


the intercom squawks

“doc, I’m out…need anything?”

we stifle our laughs


“no christy—i’m fine.

you have an awesome weekend!”

“you too doctor, thanks!”


“oh, i will, christy”

your eyes sparkle like emeralds

you plunge into me


need and urgency

all remnants of whimsy gone

your mouth pure hot sex


lips tease my nipples

my back arches to receive you

my hips urge you on


your body shudders

the floodgates of stress fallen

you fill me with love


“gods, you’re my treasure!”

your vow brings tears to my eyes

our hearts pound with joy







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