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Can you still recall?

Time can warp our memories

What are some of yours?

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some answers are clear
but we don't implement them
preferring the lies

guns are a good thing...
earth's resources are endless...
god will fix it all...

humans are foolish--
happy little ostriches
with heads in the sand

still some keep trying
those of us with eyes open
keep the fires burning

and maybe one day
an imperceptible shift
will open all eyes

the young must rise up

as we did in our own youth

peace has to prevail

i remember when 
love was as brilliant red as
coals in a banked fire

crimson cardinals
roses strewn across our bed
my lips when kissed hard

i remember when
joy was green as your bright eyes
unfurling spring leaves

sweet peas in a pod
glassfrogs on a lilypad
chartreuse in a glass

and i remember
forever--blue as the sea
blue as cornflowers

teal shadows on snow
cobalt as the night sky when
we lay down to sleep

thanks for memories

when what is real slips away

the past carries us

This is a wonderful, happy video. At 76, Paul still seems genuinely lighthearted. I like him now better than I ever did (I was a fan of John's).

i remember when
the beatles were 4 young boys
and i was young too




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