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Since my interest in the Haiku form arose out of my exploration of mindfulness, most of my efforts will somehow fall under that heading. So rather than try to force-fit them into previously existing discussions, I will start my own. I make no pretense now, of understanding the nuances of the form other than the 5/7/5 requirement, so I guess they will mostly be "basterdizations". So be it, sometimes the message trumps the format. That being said, I promise to take the time to at least try to understand the rules that I may be breaking. I will start by collecting here the few that have been offered elsewhere.

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founding fathers prize

the pursuit of happiness

best let it seek you

Too much to confront

The labor of a lifetime

Needs done day by day

Replayed misfortune

Round and round karma's wheel turns

Lessons need learning

Reminds me of the Loggins song:

make a real change now
waiting for a miracle
closes the circle

Snowfall fills the sky

Disappears into the sea

Drink in the silence


the words of last year

spoken in the old language

next year a new voice

            with a little help from T. S. Eliot

words shared from last year :

some will remain forever

others best be lost

we pray for new voice

we need a new tone, approach

leading us forward

sky of azure blue

V line of geese overhead

One moment in time

dead leaves in brown grass

a splash of yellow peaks through

foolish winter bloom

howling  brisk north winds

blowing leaves aimlessly sow

harbinger of spring

i slept fitfully...
i wept dreaming of you and
magnolia blossoms

here in my bedroom
i'm found by the cricket who
hangs out in my tub




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