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Since my interest in the Haiku form arose out of my exploration of mindfulness, most of my efforts will somehow fall under that heading. So rather than try to force-fit them into previously existing discussions, I will start my own. I make no pretense now, of understanding the nuances of the form other than the 5/7/5 requirement, so I guess they will mostly be "basterdizations". So be it, sometimes the message trumps the format. That being said, I promise to take the time to at least try to understand the rules that I may be breaking. I will start by collecting here the few that have been offered elsewhere.

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Had an appropriate haiku yesterday, but could not get on this page. Didn't write it down and now can't remember it all. Hello getting old.

Christmas in the woods

Outdoor food music and crafts

Joy to be living

Your haiku are beautiful and inspirational, PTB. You should really consider putting them together into a small book and sharing them with your loved ones and friends for Christmas. 

Blurb ( http://www.blurb.com/ ) is a wonderful company for self-publishing. I've used them for several very personal books of haiku. If you want to economize, the trade books are quite nice and you can even get them in hardback. Last time I used Blurb, there was no minimum requirement for books purchased. There's really no more meaningful gift than a gift of yourself, as I'm sure you know.

I also want to apologize for being scarce. I'm having a very hard time wanting to be in the here and now.

Anyway, thanks for your wonderful work. Please know how much it's appreciated. <3

painful mindfulness...
constant recognition of
the absence of you

No one really knows

The power of a kind word

Thank you thoughtful friend

Hugs and a shower of kind words. It seems to me you deserve them.

Thank you, PTB.

Here you are again

Melancholy my old friend

You are free to go

Pure and beautiful. I'm going to use your words as a talisman against melancholy paying me too long a visit.

Feelings come and go

They bring pleasure they bring pain

They are what they are

i wrestle with them
trying to transmute those that
seem unwarranted

knee jerk reactions
responses based in habit
or born out of fear

perhaps if i would
let them be unmolested
it would be better

knee jerk reaction

While instinctive to perform

Seldom done with skill

Recognize worry

to ameliorate the angst

It will be or not




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