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Since my interest in the Haiku form arose out of my exploration of mindfulness, most of my efforts will somehow fall under that heading. So rather than try to force-fit them into previously existing discussions, I will start my own. I make no pretense now, of understanding the nuances of the form other than the 5/7/5 requirement, so I guess they will mostly be "basterdizations". So be it, sometimes the message trumps the format. That being said, I promise to take the time to at least try to understand the rules that I may be breaking. I will start by collecting here the few that have been offered elsewhere.

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Life careening by

The world a churning rat race

Take time to be me

Wind in the cave

movement in stillness

Power in silence

                 — Ming-Dao Deng (born 1954 in San Francisco)

(Not exactly a haiku, but I prefer to leave these elegant words as is instead of changing anything)

Life is in all things

in their myriad divisions

and their unity

the bright blade glitters
like the sun and reshapes the
many to the one

The meadowlark's trill

The fragrance of fresh turned earth

Cool tranquility

Feces come about

Happiness circles around

Life does what it does

is that "sh*t happens"?  ツ
certainly merde does abound
so let's make compost

The "Mother Earth News" version of mindfulness. Lol.

Children in their prime

Family spread far and wide

Grandchildren a joy

Sharks and hurricanes

Trains ubers and planes oh my

There's no place like home

False realities

Stories made up in my head

Like Walter Mitty

Unreal fantasies

Blind today's particulars

Focus on what's Now

Confined by my mind

No place to run nor to hide

Awareness of thought




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