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triumph of healing

energy flowing freely

chakras wide open


 intention and love

balancing disrupted chi

hands, the conduit


XOXOXOXOXOX You healer, you.

nothing will stop it

nothing can lessen its power

the magic of love

believe in magic

fate happens in strangest ways

around the corner ......

slowly, tenderly

love rebuilds the broken heart

stronger than before

Beautiful blue eyes

Full of wonder, grace, wisdom -

Magical woman.


absorbing green eyes
my gateway to paradise
magical soulmate

your touch is magic

revealing sacred altars

erected for you

as the last leaf falls
a seed planted before time
feels the touch of spring

as the fire burns out
an eternal ember flares
lighting the darkness

as the heart forgets
the fearless soul remembers
the magic of love

believe in magic

sure helps having younger heart

void of experience

So true, my friend.

Dyslexic Dodger says that our well of loss can become full to overflowing. We get to the point we can't live through one more personal tragedy. Perhaps our stubborn bodies go on, but our hearts are permanently broken. I know what she means.

still i must believe
though hope's just a strand of silk
stretched to its limit




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