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i wake to silence
and talk to an empty room
needing to be heard

stark reality
crouches in each dark corner
waiting for the sun

i watch the curtains
the edges will glow at dawn
an aubade for you

four walls once lively

sounds of laughter were present

loneliness prevails

I'm lonely too. But I have things that I do. I'm a writer and get lost in my prose. I'm also an artist and love to paint. To me, loneliness is a state of mind that you can do something about. 

Good to hear from you

new blood to our haiku site

do you do haiku?

waiting for each train
the dog wags for his master
gone so long ago

eager eyes scanning
nose seeking that well-loved scent
heart clinging to hope

no man's an island

we still have our attachments

connections to life

a woman left lonely
she must do the best she can...
just her man's victim

she can't understand
when she's taken for granted...
she gets tired waiting

as darkness descends
the bright sun shines uncaring
for the heart's demise

a void in darkness

touched by an errant sun beam

can brighten lone hearts

friendly thoughts prevail

overshadowing sunset

best wishes will rise

fighting the madness
in this darkness without you...
lead me far from here

A song you sent to me on my birthday once. I'm sending it back on a river of love.

this song is for you
far away so far away
you're my every thought




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