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I can't find DD's hot haiku thread, so I thought I'd start a new one. My guy has "erotic" words fridge magnets & we've started leaving fun, erotic haikus for one another on the fridge, so it's made me want to write some here as well.

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you sure do know how

to paint a pretty picture

our haiku goddess

substantial objects

met with determination,

careful, dear, don't choke



shove phallic symbols

into every orifice

"mayo with that, m'am?"

raining in paris

you watch the models closely

as they flaunt the wares


"i like that in blue"

you throw me a sidelong kiss

"how about you, love?"


"you know me so well"

the thought makes my nipples hard

"you decide, darling"


"yes, we'll take that one."

the model pouts her full lips

hoping you notice


your long, strong body

so relaxed in the club chair...

sexual playground


every woman there

wants to run her hands over

those sinuous lines


You rise panther-like...

i watch the eyes watching you

and smile to myself


"you change, beloved...

you'll make the dress exquisite"

wistful sighs echo


ice blue silk whispers

sensuously over me...

i gasp, overcome


"is all well, darling?'

"yes, Draughn, just a bit...dizzy"

desire drenches me


lace and silk rustle

floating toward your waiting arms

"uhnnnn, you are gorgeous"


"merci pour votre aide"

you thank them all graciously

"avec plaisir, monsieur!"


you offer your arm

we step onto the wet street

Avenue George V


passion ignites us

white block buildings strung like beads

dark archways calling


we try to resist

walking fast, our hearts pounding

the rain teases us


"i'm getting so wet"

i step into a doorway

and pull you to me


"i'm getting so hard"

your mouth covers mine roughly

our tongues entwining


hot hands wandering

caressing, coaxing, stroking

moist skin against skin

cashmere soaked, silk torn

civilized world abandoned

to the paris rain















Thank you, Kooner...you are so kind.

No, I don't make my living writing erotica, but it might be fun! Luckily, thanks to My Beloved, I can follow the standard advice to writers and write about what I know.  :>)

a wonderful weave

fine threads entwined so tightly

your gift astounds me

Thank you, dear friend.




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