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Waking or sleeping...

Tags: a lifetime with you, finding a cure for cancer, flying, haiku, poetry, senryu

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quest of all parents
our offspring carrying forth
they seek there own dreams
Just a butterfly
still dreaming i am a man
life is delusion...
a caterpillar
dreaming of a butterfly
we want what we're not
each generation
striving to fulfill,(the dream)
deluded we may
be, but what a wonderful
dream when we find love

N'est-ce pas, ma chèr?
dreaming for that tme
when all returns to the source
then we become one
you sleep blissfully
dreaming of something you want
that's already yours
Yes, Karen, I know what you mean.

right within my grasp
the answer to every dream
slips through my fingers
Cicadas hustle
toward my left ventricle
dark crows circling
in the deep quiet
i dream a lifetime with you
hearts never parted
sweet dreams made of this
who am I to disagree
I travel the world

and the seven seas
some of them want to use you
head up, movin on





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