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Whether you have them or don't; love them or loathe them...they're everywhere. The world of the future...always becoming, as someone wise once said. Any thoughts?

My Great Nephew Ethan

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To be a mother

Nurturing a newborn soul

Precious new life

OH, I agree, Bella! Thank you for this lovely haiku--it brings a tear of joy to my eyes.

A grandmother's bliss

Never-ending butterflies

A sigh and a smile.

Simply exquisite! 

I used to sing this to my precious son.

slumber my darling
while others their revels keep
i'll watch over thee

slumber my darling
sweet visions attend thy sleep
'til morning's first rays

slumber my darling
thy mother guards thee tonight
from all outward harm

how the years have flown...
chubby legs have given way
to long shapely limbs

fat little fingers
which clutched daddy's thumb tightly
will hold other hands

the eyes of the child
innocent and trusting will
flash with mystery

gales of pink giggles
are transformed to the rich smile
of a young woman

but one thing remains
inviolable through time...
yours her loving heart

You are the best of fathers, My Dearest Love.  

a special grandchild

new into our family

first birthday has come

little more special
than the fruit of your loins fruit
growing and thriving

Yikes! I just made the baby sound like a Waldorf Salad. Haha!

Congratulations on his first birthday to you and your son and his wife, M.

thanks A

He is a little fireplug

to my sweet gower
whose life made the world richer...
goodnight my angel

beautiful flower
as you make this transition
you are blossoming

in your father's love
you will come into full bloom
queen of the garden

you are powerful
your spirit can heal the world
just believe in you

Happy 17th Birthday, Kate Darling. I love you so.

emma shooting star
stepping out into the world
to set the bar high

go ahead and shine
raise a joyful ruckus
make a better world

if you just be you
there is no way you can lose
write your own story

Happy 19th Birthday, beautiful Emma. I'm sending you so much love, and a torrent of positive vibes as you create your future.




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