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Please use both words in your haiku...any form of the words.

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your smile reflected
in the glass of scotch as you
palmed your blackberry
"Summer Treasures"

Mom's blackberry pie!
Hours spent in the sun picking,
Pie in the Good glass pan...
Oh, love this, Quilty...Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We had "the good glass pan" too!

blackberry pie with
raspberries, served with cream, on
pink depression glass
Bring out the china
bone white rimmed with raspberry
the glasses crystal

Stemmed glasses hold fruit
fresh blackberries with light cream
treating eyes ad lips
yum! Ankharad. And may I add...?
Hi, Westerly...Double yum! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
sweet blackberry wine
made with tender loving care
nice treat for sharing
blackberry cobbler
chased with a glass of cold milk
tasty homemade treat
blackberry fed crows
spread in a glass baking pan
good scene for a song




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