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A discussion in another group got me thinking.....how many of us were tomboys growing up and how many of us were princesses or girly girls?

While I admit to occasionally playing dress up, my interests as a little girl really involved fishing with my dad, ice skating with my brothers, hunting for bugs with my best gal pal, Judy (she would let spiders crawl on her arms, so brave was she), climbing my grandmother's cherry tree to eat cherries and hunt for bird nests, riding horses at my grandparents' farm, and exploring the field next to the train tracks, where we weren't supposed to be.  Judy and I even dug up a neighbor's dead dog a day after he buried it (we were curious what it would look like).  I don't ever remember having a tea party.

I do remember however, having a favorite red dress that flared out when I twirled and being jealous that my cousin Laura's blow up petticoat was better than mine.

What say you ladies?  Tomboy or princess?

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Tomboy most of my life.  My mother would occasionally attempt to "princess" me for a day, but I endured it rather than enjoying it. I was also, as another before on this thread, rather witchy a times. I am a blend of feminine and tomboy now.  I dress in a more feminine manner for work, prefer sweat pants and gym shirts most of the time so I am always ready to go to the gym.  




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