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This afternoon as I was hanging some new Holiday potholders and hand towels , I wondered if men care or if most women care that the things are changed according to holidays...How many of you do that? I had to laugh at myself because I thought, way to go girl, you use them one month out of the year.

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yes I used to do that and when I find a place of my own I will do it again...it's the Holiday Spirit 

a crazy thing I used to do

was to recover a burnt or stained pot holder

that was a favorite gone shabby and raggy

but still felt so good in my hand

I put lavender seeds or dry rosemary inside the cover

and the smell when a hot pot was set  on the holder was heavenly

Thanks for the reminder!  

I do things like this for me, I like to participate in the changing world and seasons. Let the world know you're alive and paying attention. Who wants every day to be the same old thing?

You, know, ... I don't do things like that. I can barely manage to get my sheets changed regularly and putting up stuff for holidays has never come naturally to me. I guess I was always too much of a rebel against tradition. In a way, I wish I were more appreciative of traditions and such, but it has always seemed to me that working on my interior kindness and behavioral festivity were more important than changing exterior stuff temporarily. My sister on the other hand is a goddess at festive decorating and tradition. I guess she inherited the traditional impulse  and sentimentality in our family! I wonder if this relates to introversion and extroversion. Give me a good book and a mug of coffee and please don't make me attend a big holiday office party!




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