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It's December 21, 2012..... and I'M STILL ALIVE!!


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Beautiful photos with such inspirational photos!

And yes, I wonder how those that sat in their underground bunkers surrounded by a years worth of food, water, enery are feeling now!  ;-)

I am sure they will find some reason to stay down in that bunker.  Soon we will begin to hear about the new end time predictions for 2013.  If it would come before tax time, it would save me some paper work.

Here are a few more for y'all!!

A running friend who was the announcer and one of the photographers at the "DAY AFTER THE END OF THE WORLD" marathon took lots of photos at the marathon.  Here are just a few of the interesting ones!

Everybody looks happy to still be here....LOL!  Love the T-shirt on #344!




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