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Where do you live?  Have you moved around a lot in life?  If you could pick anywhere you wanted to live, where would you pick?  Why?

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I was born in Carbondale, Illinois, and have lived in southern Illinois most of my life.  I also lived for a time in Chicago, Peoria, and Portland, Oregon.  As I approach retirement I'm thinking of either New Mexico (maybe Truth Or Consequences, or maybe Santa Rosa) or Florida (maybe around Lutz).

I love Chicago! I wouldn't want to live there, but I sure do enjoy visiting it! It's bustling, beautiful, and has so much to do.....shopping, theater, parks, zoos, beaches, concerts, and, of course.....the Cubs, White Sox, Bears and the World Champion Blackhawks!!

I like Chicago well enough.  It was more fun when I was 20, but so was just about everything else.  My job used to take me up there at least once month ("staff meetings") and I always enjoyed it (except during a blizzard).  I switched jobs, and haven't been up there in close to 5 years.

In Indiana now.....with daughter #2.... preparing for a gigantic Fourth of July bash. Weather is great, and we are going to be extremely busy for the next two days. Having a good time, thank you.

party time

what the hell is that thing in the picture? looks pretty good,maybe even edible.




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