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There are so many things in life to be grateful for, when we finally have time to stop and think.  What are the things that come to mind, when you think about what you're grateful for?

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I'm thankful for my friends and loved ones, for the gifts I have received, for the memories I've stored.

I'm grateful for so many things. My wonderful family.The memories that keep me warm and happy when I am sad. I an thankful to my God for allowing me to enjoy all the beauty of this great world we live in.  Each new day is a new page added to my book of love and memories. I am thankful for my friends, my pets and just being alive.

Being 66 years old and in good health and spirit.

Oh gosh, the list is endless.  My family of course, my good health, my curiosity, my thirst to learn, my sense of humor - that's just to name a few.

It's easy for me.  Two years ago I developed Multiple Myeloma, (cancer of the bone marrow), a heart attack followed by double bypass surgery and spinal surgery for an encore.  All of this within a 12 month period.  My recovery is a bit slow, but quite positive.

So I am grateful to be alive with a long term prognosis.



After my family, I'm grateful to wake up every morning. On Thanksgiving day 2008, with a house full of company, I had a stroke, in the ER I had a heart attack, then got a brain infection and in coma for 3 days, while in coma they let me fall out of bed and broke my pelvis-they said I wasn't going to make it and told my son to call the other one home. One dr. came in and told my son, we have nothing to loose, I would like to try one more thing, with in 3 hours I was awake and thought it was just the next day.After a few weeks in the nursing home I am doing great.

Wow Eaglewoman, that definitely is something to be grateful for. 

At the beginning and end of each day I make an effort to thank the Almighty for the myriad blessings He has sent my way. At times life has been stressful and full of worry but it passes. I have loads of good memories to relive and some new ones yet to make. I'm thankful to wake up each morning to a new day whatever it brings.

After one of my younger brothers died suddenly of a heart attack six years ago, I started ending each day by asking myself, "If you die in your sleep tonight, will it be after a day you are glad to have lived?"

I don't do that as often these days, but I still sometimes do.  I try to live, enjoy and be thankful for each day.




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