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Let's get ready to party!  When I was young and single I never went out on Thursday nights.  That was the night I caught up on all the sleep I was going to be missing on Friday and Saturday nights.  Did you have any wierd routines like this?

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My weekends always started on Thursday nights......lol.

I certainly did have some fun weekends .I missed a lot of sleep back then. We would start out with beach parties.Then it was dances or parties at someones house.Air Boat rides in the Glades, moonlight sails on the river.I enjoy the memories! 

We would start on Fri. night, and often had to work on Sat. morning. Would go out for breakfast and get home just in time to change into uniform and go to work. Couldn't handle 3 nights in a row.

i used to go out and get hammered every night.i would end up sleeping in my car in the parking lot of where i was working,someone i worked with would always knock on my window to wake me up for work.

i work in the shop all week,and weekends i work around the house sometimes..i'm at the shop now,taking a break.i'm planning on hitting the beach tomorrow and sunday.

I'm jealous Tim.  I'd love to go to the beach, but not that favorite one of yours.  :) 

When I was in college, a local TV station had a show at midnight Thursday called "The Weekend Starts Now!" So all day Friday was a "new" weekend day! LOL

We will soon be on "summer hours" at work which means that my weekends will begin on Fridays at 11:00 a.m!  Can hardly wait! ;-)

i love the beach,i go a couple dozen times every summer.

What beach is this Tim?  I remember when we lived on Long Island and Jones beach was always there for us on the weekends. 

Can't afford the high end restaurant, but I'll take a hot dog stand that overlooks the ocean




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