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The weekend is here and it's time to do something we like to do. I have plans to watch the Ravens vs The Broncos game and hope the Ravens win, so we can keep pursuing the Super Bowl.  I'm also watching my granddaughter, so I'll teach her how to root for the hometeam.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Let's see how many different things we have planned. 


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This is a very busy, exciting, and fun 4-day weekend getting ready for the Houston Half-Marathon tomorrow. Yesterday was our day to pick up our race packets, and it was like "Old Home Week," since I ran into so many of my running friends from recent years and years gone by! Today, though, is a rest day at home getting everything ready to decide what to wear and to take downtown for tomorrow's race.  The weather does not seem to want to cooperate, so rain gear is definitely something I'll be taking with me.  The last time I did the marathon in 2011, it was raining, so we might just be starting out like the first pic!

Leo has lost more than half of his 350+ pounds since he joined Katy Fit

Shucks, I forgot to include this photo!!

Here's a very inspirational video from a TV interview yesterday about a man in my Katy Fit running group and his sister who lost A WHOLE LOTTA WEIGHT!
Houston Marathon 2013 (Interview with KTRK-13) on January 11, 2013

Thank you Maria!!

Good luck with your race tomorrow, and hope the weather gods are smiling down on you!

Thank you Lefty - me, too!!  I AM prepared, though, now that I have my "After the race" bag packed, and my "Before the race" items stuffed into a zippered plastic bag.  SOOOOO.... It's best to stay positive!!

Heading out to Savannah. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Have fun on your trip Mickchick.  TW good luck tomorrow. 

Thanks Helen!

Helen, your Ravens are a team to be reckoned with.  WOW, what an exciting game?  I fell asleep at half-time and the noise of the Bronco fans going crazy woke me up.  I watched til the end......the winning pass and field goal was so exciting to watch.   I know they can win one more time and go to the Super Bowl....they are on fire!!

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow, TW.  YOU GO GIRL!!

Sherrie, the Ravens are a good team and they are determined Ray Lewis is going out with a Super Bowl.  I think the game with New England will be good, but a nail biter. 




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